happy staff


Hi, my name is Sarah Boulton and I have been breeding Staffords for over 16 years. I reside on a 30 acre property in the central goldfields with cats, donkeys, horses and ten adult staffords.

A Stafford is more than just a pet, they are one of the most loyal, loving breeds. They need to be inside dogs and are great with kids. When you come to see my dogs and pups you will see the love and care I put into my kennel.

staffords in damMy dogs are not caged. I am a vet nurse with sixteen years of experience, so I have an intimate knowledge and understanding of the medical and nutritional care of my dogs and pups.

All my Staffords have an outstanding pedigree and my pups come DNA cleared, vaccinated, with their pedigree papers, advocate, microchipped, and a helpful Puppy Pack.

It is important my pups go to the best homes and are not just used for breeding. I have sent many pups interstate using JetPets.

If you would like to chat about Grozbolt Staffords and find out when my next litter is due, please don't hesitate to contact me.